Adult Swim’s TOO MANY COOKS Is the Stuff of Hilarious Nightmares

     November 7, 2014


Adult Swim programming relishes the realm of the weird ranging from slightly off-kilter to the simulated drug trip of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!  Although Tim and Eric weren’t involved in Too Many Cooks, a 12-minute short that aired in an “infomercials” spot at 4:00am last night, you’d be forgiven for thinking they were involved.  Created by Casper Kelly, what begins as a parody of 80s sitcom opening credits eventually spins into brilliant madness.  It’s not comedy for everyone, but if you like the work of Don Hertzfeldt mixed with the surreal Tim and Eric, then this is a must-watch.  It will probably be the most delightfully bonkers and inspired thing you’ll see today.

Hit the jump to watch Too Many Cooks.

Via Indiewire.

Adult Swim has been doing these short-films hidden in the infomercial slot for a little while now (presumably because it’s fun to mess with insomniacs). As for this short, It would be great if this kind of existed in a vacuum where there were no more tie-ins unless Kelly found a way to make it even crazier (and judging by the free association style of this short, I find that entirely possible).

Either way, this is absolutely my kind of humor: running-gag, deeply twisted, comically violent, totally random, and increasingly bizarre.  Which is odd, because I usually don’t go in very much for Tim and Eric, although I think it helps that this short is–for all of its wandering–still a cohesive pieces rather than a series of sketches.

Also, if you’re going to share this with people (and you should totally share this with people), don’t tell them what it is beyond the initial set-up.  Just tell them to keep watching, and then get their reaction.  I’m very curious to hear what people have to say in the comments section because while I found Too Many Cooks to be amazing, it’s definitely not for everyone.  If you want to know more about it, click here for Kelly’s interview with EW.

And for those who don’t enjoy Too Many Cooks, all I can say is: