Top 10 Netflix Original Movies of 2018, Ranked

     December 28, 2018


2018 was truly the year that Netflix became a serious player in the realm of original films. Past features like Beasts of No Nation and Mudbound were certainly notable, but this year Netflix graduated to the Adult Table with a diverse and impressive slate. It ranged from highly anticipated titles from auteur filmmakers to more traditional films from genres that don’t get as much exposure anymore (long live the romcom!). 2018 was even the year Netflix surprise released The Cloverfield Paradox after the Super Bowl, a film that Paramount sold to the streaming service ahead of poor box office tracking.

So as this critical year comes to a close, the staff put our heads together to come up with a tried and true Top 10 list of the best Netflix original films released this year. Now, this is not a list of all movies on Netflix, only those distributed by Netflix and thus billed as a “Netflix Original.” The results are maybe somewhat surprising in terms of order, but we feel pretty confident this holistically represents the best that Netflix had to offer in 2018 by way of original feature film content.

Behold, the top Netflix movies of 2018.

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