Watch: David Ehrlich’s Top 25 Films of 2016 Video Is an Exceptional Look Back at This Year

     December 6, 2016


The time is nearly here for a bevy of “2016 Bests” lists to pop up online (including plenty from us here at Collider), but the “List Season” kicks off in swell fashion today with an annually anticipated event: Indiewire critic David Ehrlich’s countdown video for his personal Top 25 of the year. While these lists are, obviously, subjective, Ehrlich’s videos are always a year-end highlight as he takes great care to craft a lengthy montage of the year in cinema, choosing pitch-perfect music cues to match up with the films he’s chosen.

The video kicks off with a montage of sorts for 2016 as a whole, so there’s plenty of variety to be found in the mix. And when the Top 25 kicks in with the #25 entry, Ehrlich’s choice of needle-drop is almost too perfect.

As for the makeup of the list itself, it’s a fascinating bunch. There are indies, studio films, and foreign films making up Ehrlich’s Top 25, and the fairly new studio A24 has a strong showing with multiple entries. There are definitely films on here that are sure to pop up on my personal Top 10 list, but as is the best case scenario with these year-end lists, there are also films I haven’t yet seen. Indeed, these kinds of lists can serve as excellent recommendation guides outside the typical awards fare, and hopefully this video inspires folks to seek out some of the movies selected for inclusion.

Check out the full 25 Best Films of 2016 video countdown below.

THE 25 BEST FILMS OF 2016: A VIDEO COUNTDOWN from David Ehrlich on Vimeo.

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