TOP 5: End of the Year Edition – “Alamo Texter Voicemail”, Cinemath, Rise and Fall of Cult Status, How to Talk to Your Kids About STAR WARS, Nike’s Sweet BACK TO THE FUTURE MAGs

     December 31, 2011


With 2011 coming to an end at the stroke of midnight, we thought it might be nice for our weekly “Top 5” to celebrate the season. So, after months minutes of deliberation we decided that this, the “Top 5: End of the Year Edition”, is best suited for said task. After the jump, you’ll find the five stories covered in previous “Top 5” iterations that we think withstand the test of time and best represent the spirit of what we hope “Top 5” to be. I promise, there’s nothing from The Dark Knight Rises here…unfortunately.

1. The “Alamo Texter Voicemail”


When The “Alamo Texter Voicemail” made its “Top 5” appearance back in June, I said that it was one of my all-time favorite stories on the site. Flash-forward more than six months later and I still stand by that statement. If you somehow missed it during its initial run on our front page, or if you just want to be reminded of its greatness, I present to you the “Alamo Texter Voicemail”.

2. Cinemath


I’m a sucker for making a science of things. That’s not to say that I’m always organized and thorough in my own personal ventures, but rather that I admire solid research and attention to detail when I see it. That being said, features like our very own Brendan Bettinger’s “Cinemath” are exactly what I had in mind when I began tossing around the idea of a weekly “Top 5”. Interesting, well researched and presented, original, and most of all, demonstrable of a genuine appreciation for all things film. These are all things I think of when Mr. Bettinger’s “Cinemath” run comes to mind. If you haven’t already, I recommend doing yourself a favor and checking out his statistical analysis of “What Makes a Best Picture?”, his own IMDb ratings, and competing Snow White films.

3. The Rise and Fall of Cult Status


Originally appearing in the August 20th “Top 5” installment, Matt’s editorial on the rise and fall of cult status took an interesting look at the types of behavior that surround cult artifacts such as The Big Lebowski and Joss Whedon’s Firefly. If you’ve ever taken personal offense to someone criticizing a pop-culture entry that you adore or if you’ve ever been turned off by a property as a result of its “mainstream” appeal, then this entry is for you.

4. How to Talk to Your Kids About STAR WARS

PSA How to Talk to Your Kids About STAR WARS slice

While I’m not one myself, I have to think that being a parent inherently brings about increased anxiety. Lots of it. With moms and dads having to worry about their child’s health, education, and general well-being 24/7/365 for the rest of their natural lives, there’s one thing that they shouldn’t have to fret about: their offspring enjoying Star Wars (and disliking Jar Jar Binks) as much as they do. In case there are any questions on how to initiate this all-important conversation about The Force, this PSA on talking to your kids about Star Wars is here to help.



Okay, okay, so they don’t have the self-lacing feature. Still, any Back to the Future fan would be proud to call a pair of these Nike MAGs their own. Combine their overall aesthetic awesomeness with the fact that they were auctioned off to help support the Michael J. Fox Foundation to research Parkinson’s disease, and it’s a win-win. Well, aside from the fact that I still don’t own a pair, it’s a win-win.