TOP 5: DELIVER US FROM EVIL, FOXCATCHER Trailer, Saturn Awards, HORRIBLE BOSSES 2 Trailer, Our Most Anticipated Movies: July to September

     July 5, 2014


This week I rewatched Errol Morris‘ landmark 1988 documentary The Thin Blue Line for the first time in around six years and was reminded of how remarkable it is. Available on Netflix to stream instantly, the film is not only lauded for Morris’ unique use of reenactments and “interrogation” style of interviewing but also because it was the primary catalyst behind Randall Dale Adams having his murder conviction and subsequent life sentence overturned. Morris’ private investigator skills are on full display in the pic as he dismantles the flawed testimony of witnesses that led to Adams’ conviction, culminating in a final taped interview with David Ray Harris that’s as surreal and powerful a conclusion as you’ll find committed to film. I try and avoid using hyperbole as much as possible, and I don’t think I’m overselling it when I say that The Thin Blue Line is among the most important documentaries ever made. If you haven’t already, watch it as soon as possible.

My Netflix recommendation aside, this week’s Top 5 features Deliver Us from Evil interviews with Olivia Munn and more, the fantastic new trailer for Bennett Miller‘s Foxcatcher, interviews from the 40th annual Saturn Awards, the first trailer for Horrible Bosses 2, and a look at our most anticipated movies from July to September. As you’ve come to expect, a brief recap and link to each of the above rests after the jump.



As a horror fan, I feel it’s my duty to get out and see Scott Derrickson’s Deliver Us from Evil at some point during its opening weekend. Beyond that sense of duty, Derrickson’s Sinister featured some of the most disturbing imagery that American horror has had to offer in the past several years which makes me legitimately excited for Deliver in spite of its mixed reviews thus far. Whether you’re embracing the film with open arms or are being strong-armed into going by some sick person such as myself, I recommend checking out our video interviews with Olivia Munn, producer Jerry Bruckheimer, and Edgar Ramirez, and our text interviews with Scott Derrickson and Eric Bana’s real life counterpart, former NYPD officer Ralph Sarchie.

2. Excellent New FOXCATCHER Trailer


Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher is my most anticipated film of 2014 and this latest teaser trailer does nothing but make the wait until November all the more difficult. Steve Carell’s transformation to millionaire John du Pont looks absolutely unnerving and the final seconds of the trailer released this week shows that Channing Tatum’s performance could be every bit as powerful. Calling it intense doesn’t even to begin to describe it.

3. 40th Annual Saturn Awards Interviews


In covering the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films’ 40th Annual Saturn Awards, our team combined for a slew of interviews with some of the best the above mentioned genres have to offer. You can click here for all of our coverage or you can check out some of my personal favorites such as this video interview with James GunnGhostbustersErnie Hudson talking his vision for Ghostbusters 3, and Halloween DOP Dean Cundey and producer Malek Akkad discussing my most beloved film franchise.

4. First Trailer for HORRIBLE BOSSES 2


Horrible Bosses was one of my favorite comedies of 2011 and, based on that fact alone, I’m willing to give Horrible Bosses 2 a fair shot in spite of the fact that its debut trailer relies heavily on recycling material from its predecessor. So heavily, in fact, that there is literally no trace of either Chris Pine or the great Christoph Waltz in the cut. I’m honestly not sure how that happens.

5. Our Most Anticipated Movies: July to September


It’s hard to believe that we’re already into Q3 of 2014 but, alas, time stops for no one. Even if you’re prepared for nothing else that the months of July-September may bring, you have no excuse for not being in the know on some of the best films that the next three months have to offer thanks to this “Most Anticipated” list complied by Matt, Adam, and Dave earlier this week. Speaking for myself, my list is made up of the following: Boyhood, Lucy, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Green Inferno, and The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby.