TOP 5: FANTASTIC FOUR Trailer, GHOSTBUSTERS Reboot, TED 2, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 Editorial, Sundance 2015

     January 31, 2015


Streaming now on Netflix Instant is Richard Ayoade‘s dark comedic thriller The Double. Matt listed the film in his “Top 10 of 2014” and it also made the cut in he and Adam’s “10 Underrated Films of 2014” from a few weeks back. In short, after reading my own recommendation today, you’ll have zero credibility if you say you missed the pic because it wasn’t on your radar. Missed it because you don’t value our opinions? Acceptable. Missed it because no one told you it was good? Nope.

Based on the Dostoevsky novella of the same name, The Double stars Jesse Eisenberg in a sensational dual-role (his characters are aptly named Simon James & James Simon) and Mia Wasikowska as a co-worker caught in between the two Eisenberg’s. Simon is an intelligent, hard-working man whose meek personality renders him all but invisible to those around him. James is Simon’s polar opposite: charismatic, assertive, and anything but forgettable. With the aid of Ayoade’s brilliant set design, what ensues is an odd, albeit beautifully unique tale of insecurity, doubt, and our basic need to notice and be noticed in return.

If you must, feel free to stop reading and go watch The Double now. If you can spare a few minutes, take a look below at this week’s Top 5:

1. First FANTASTIC FOUR Trailer & Exclusive Interview


They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder and in the case of Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four I absolutely believe that to be the case. Although the film comes out this August, before this week we had yet to see anything from it. Some may have attributed the lack of information to the studio being unhappy with the current state of the film. For me, Fox’s deliberately careful approach has only piqued my interest in the reboot and made this week’s trailer release all the more exciting. In case you missed it, here’s the trailer, here’s one with commentary, here are some trailer screengrabs, an easter egg, and Steve’s exclusive interview with Trank and screenwriter Simon Kinberg which happens to be their first official interview for the film.

2. Cast and Release Date Revealed for Paul Feig’s GHOSTBUSTERS Reboot


After much speculation, this week we finally learned who would make up the ensemble for Paul Feig and Katie Dippold’s Ghostbusters reboot: Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon. As someone whose early years were largely spent ridding my house of all things paranormal with my proton pack and ghost trap, I couldn’t be more excited to see Feig and Dippold’s take on the franchise when it hits theaters July 22nd, 2016. As for any fear that the reboot may somehow tarnish my childhood, I’m not sure that’s actually how it works. See, my childhood already happened and, on the whole, it was pretty solid. I don’t think a film can actually do anything to change that so I’m not overly concerned.

3. First Trailer and Poster for TED 2


While I don’t consider myself a huge fan of Seth MacFarlane’s humor, I’ll admit that I was pleasantly surprised by how much I was okay with 2012’s Ted. I laughed a good amount and didn’t find it quite as off-putting as his previous work. That in mind, I’ll probably give Universal’s Ted 2 a shot even if the first trailer and first poster for the film don’t do a ton for me (how dare you waste a perfectly good Cookie Crisp like that?).



“I think you’re reading way too much into it” is a phrase I hear from time to time when discussing films with family and friends. In spite of the fact that they’re probably right, I can’t help but dissect movies thematically to the nth degree. It’s the way I’m wired, one of the few things that I’m actually formally trained to do. So when I see an editorial hit the site like Tommy’s “Terror and the Impracticality of Non-Violence in How to Train Your Dragon 2 from this past week, I can’t help but applaud the thought that went into it. Whether you agree or disagree with the premise, you have to appreciate his willingness to look past the kids movie surface and formulate a coherent argument regarding his reading of the film’s stance on violence.

5. Sundance 2015 Coverage


A good amount of Sundance 2015 coverage has graced the site over the last week and a half or so. So much that even the most dedicated of readers might find it hard to keep up with everything we’ve posted from the festival whether it be reviews, interviews, and/or acquisition news. This spot is dedicated to helping you find everything Sundance related in one place and to also remind you that I’m positive Steve has a ton more interviews coming in the days/weeks to follow so keep checking back. Click here for all of our Sundance 2015 coverage thus far and, as always, many thanks to my colleagues for their hard work in bringing it to us.