TOP 5: FURIOUS 7, Netflix’s DAREDEVIL, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, THE DAILY SHOW Names Next Host, April Fools Articles

     April 4, 2015


If you consider yourself a horror fan even in the slightest and have yet to see writer/director David Robert Mitchell‘s It Follows then you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. The Cannes alumnus is currently playing in wide release across the country which means you have one less excuse for not checking it out as soon as possible. Perri caught the film at TIFF calling it “thoughtful, engaging, and just an all-around blast to watch”. Evan took issue with branding the pic as “the best horror film in 10 years” but admitted that it’s “better than 95% of horror films out there”. I agree with both sentiments wholeheartedly and will do my best to further sell you on its merits below.

Starring Maika Monroe as a 19-year-old who learns she has inherited a curse from her boyfriend during a strange sexual encounter, It Follows is as artful a modern horror film as you’re likely to find. From its opening shot that tracks an obviously terrified girl darting back and forth across an otherwise peaceful suburban street, Mike Gioulakis‘ cinematography feels both inspired by Dean Cundey‘s work in Halloween and refreshingly original all at once. Photography aside, the entire film strikes this difficult balance of influence and originality, weaving the audience through a dreamlike series of events reminiscent of A Nightmare on Elm Street while confident still in its own devices. I don’t have enough space here to do Disasterpeace‘s score justice, so suffice to say it’s an excellent, atmospheric piece of work that serves Mitchell’s distinct vision perfectly. All of these elements working in tandem help make It Follows perhaps the first great film of 2015 in any genre.

Lavish praise for David Robert Mitchell and his film aside, let’s get to this week’s Top 5:

1. FURIOUS 7 Interviews and Review


I’ve never watched a single entry in the franchise, but my appreciation for director James Wan’s previous work has piqued my interest in Furious 7 to the point that I plan on dipping my toes in the pool with it. Whether you’re a series regular or a noob like myself, I think you’ll do well to check out Steve’s video interview with Wan where he discusses The Conjuring 2 among other things, his text interview with Jason Statham, and Perri’s review of the film itself. Those who have already watched Furious 7 should also feel welcome to discuss the pic in our “What Did You Think?” post.

2. Netflix’s DAREDEVIL Review and 15 Things to Know About the Series


With the first season of Marvel/Netflix’s original Daredevil series premiering April 10th, we’ve done our best this past week to prepare you for what’s to come without giving away too much in the process. To that end, I recommend checking into Allison’s spoiler-free review of the first five episodes where she calls the show “sleek, stylish, and distinct…” as well as Christina’s “15 Things to Know About the Series” based on what she learned while attending its press day.

3. Insane New Trailer for MAD MAX: FURY ROAD


There’s really no dressing this one up. Simply put, the new trailer for George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road looks completely unhinged in all of the best ways and I can’t wait to watch it. Seeing both it and Pitch Perfect 2 on the same night could make for one of the most jarring double features of all-time but I think I’m fit for the challenge. As a bonus, those who check out Fury Road in theaters will be rewarded with the first trailer for a low-budget indie entitled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which those who follow the festival circuit closely may be aware of. I hear it has the guy from Gigli in it.

4. Trevor Noah Named Next Host of THE DAILY SHOW


Names like Amy Poehler, Louis C.K., and Amy Schumer may have been pursued but, in the end, South African comedian Trevor Noah will take on the daunting task of following Jon Stewart as the next host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. Noah has already taken his fair share of criticism this week for once posting an unfunny joke on Twitter which is apparently an unforgivable offense that should haunt you for the rest of your miserable comedic career. As a fan of giving people the benefit of the doubt, I’ll take the wait and see approach before jumping to any conclusions on the hire.

5. April Fools Articles


We celebrated April Fools a little differently this year by peppering the site with a slew of articles that weren’t meant to “fool” so much as they were to poke fun at the nature of web film/television journalism as a whole. Some readers appreciated the touch of lighthearted self-awareness we brought to the table while others bemoaned the quantity and quality of our work. In other words, it was pretty much like every other day but with a dash of “fake” articles mixed in for fun. My personal favorite was Matt’s list of “5 Reasons Heath Ledger Is Wrong for The Joker” but a sincere kudos goes out to everyone involved for their contributions. Entire list here: Star Wars: Episode 1 trailer description, 5 reasons Freaks and Geeks will never be cancelled, HBO’s doomed Game of Thrones reshooting pilot, Orson Welles running into trouble on Citizen Kane follow-up, The Wizard of Oz is a box office flop, George Lucas hires carpenter Harrison Ford for sci-fi film, is Steven Spielberg secretly directing Poltergeist, and John Carpenter’s The Thing is a bloody mess.

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