TOP 5: Halloween Picks, ‘Suicide Squad’ Images, ‘Our Brand Is Crisis’ Coverage

     October 31, 2015

top-5-sliceIt’s Halloween which means it’s time for my annual reminder to give 1982’s Halloween III: Season of the Witch another shot if you haven’t lately. Best remembered as the only Halloween movie that doesn’t feature Michael Myers, writer/director Tommy Lee Wallace‘s film is often overlooked or simply written off for this reason. This is a wrong that I’m trying to right because Season of the Witch is a well-made horror/sci-fi film that I believe enjoys an entirely different fate if it’s released under any other name than the popular Halloween franchise.

Starring Tom Atkins as a medical doctor who uncovers a plot to mass murder children on Halloween night as part of the Gaelic festival Samhain, Wallace’s movie is creepy, weird, gory, fun, slightly ridiculous, and extremely watchable all at once. It even has a touch of social critique embedded by positioning the powerful company Silver Shamrock Novelties as the ultimate evil and society at large as witless consumers who blissfully march to their deaths in exchange for Silver Shamrock’s coveted Halloween masks. I’m not saying it’s the best horror film ever made, or even the best film in the franchise (John Carpenter‘s original is untouchable in that respect). Just that it’s much better than most give it credit for. Give it a watch/rewatch and let me know if you agree.

Before you run off to your Halloween plans, stick with me a few more minutes for this week’s Top 5:

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