TOP 5: MAN OF STEEL, THE CAMPAIGN Set Visit, CLOUD ATLAS Trailer and Images, THE WATCH Interviews, Batman by the Numbers

     July 28, 2012


As you’re likely aware, the 2012 Summer Olympics kicked off in London yesterday. In other words, it’s time for me to care about competitive swimming and gymnastics for the first time since the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. To all of our readers, especially those internationally-based, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on the Summer Olympics. Is it an event that evokes your inner-patriotism and love of otherwise obscure athletic feats? Do you take great joy in defeating the ol’ U.S. of A. in something other than Math and Science scores? Sound off in the comments.

This Saturday brings us the Man of Steel teaser trailer set to John Williams‘ original Superman score, coverage from our visit to the set of Will Ferrell and Zach GalifianakisThe Campaign, an extended trailer and first official images from Cloud Atlas, interviews with the fellas of The Watch, and Brendan’s latest By the Numbers installment covering The Caped Crusader from Batman: The Movie to The Dark Knight Rises. Unless you’re a Top 5 noob (in which case, welcome aboard!), you know that a brief recap and link to each can be found after the jump.

1. MAN OF STEEL Trailer Set to John Williams’ SUPERMAN Score


I have to be honest, I lack any sort of true appreciation for Richard Donner’s 1978 Superman. Maybe it’s because I’ve never been a big fan of The Big Blue Boy Scout as a character, or the fact that each of my attempts to view the movie ultimately ends prematurely due to the pic feeling outdated, or a combination of the two. In either case, I will say that this revised teaser trailer, which sets the Man of Steel teaser trailer to John Williams’ original score, actually rings pretty true to my skeptical heart.

2. THE CAMPAIGN Set Visit Coverage


More often than not, I find American politics to be sadly hilarious. As a result, I really don’t think the talented duo of Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis have an uphill climb in stirring up the laughs in their upcoming comedy The Campaign. More or less, just add a slight dash of hyperbole to 98% of politicians and presto you have yourself a rousing political comedy that at once seems over-the-top ridiculous and all too familiar. All of this in mind, if you’re at all anticipating The Campaign then I recommend getting yourself acquainted with our own Scott Wampler’s set visit coverage including interviews with Ferrell, Galifianakis, director Jay Roach, and 20 things to know about the pic. While you’re at it, checking out this restricted trailer and these clips, images, and behind-the-scenes assets is probably a good idea as well.

3. Extended Trailer and Images from CLOUD ATLAS


This week, the Interwebs brought us an extended trailer and the first official images from writers/directors Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski, and Tom Tykwer’s Cloud Atlas adaptation. Based on the above material alone (which I’m sure will prove very minute in the grand scheme of things), the pic looks to be sprawling, gorgeous, deeply serious, and potentially nonsensical. Either way, I’m interested enough that I’ll likely be buying a ticket to find out for myself.

4. THE WATCH Interviews with the Cast and Director Akiva Schaffer


I’m ashamed to admit it, but The Watch may ultimately create a scenario I try hard to avoid: skipping a movie in theaters not because I think it looks unenjoyable, but because of its heavily negative reviews. Indeed, I try to make concerted efforts to come to negative conclusions on my own, but a “D+” from Matt and less than stellar reviews from most every other critic I trust is forcing my hand. If you’re a stronger person than me who’s hellbent on learning more about The Watch in spite of critics’ best efforts, then I encourage you to check out Steve’s interview with Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn, and Richard Ayoade (which could ultimately prove more entertaining than the movie itself) and director Akiva Schaffer.

5. Batman by the Numbers


With Christopher Nolan’s Bat trilogy finally in the books, there’s only two things I need to turn the page on this important event in my pop culture life: Nolan’s farewell letter to Gotham and, more importantly, Brendan’s By the Number trip through Batman’s cinematic history. From Batman: The Movie to The Dark Knight Rises, it’s all here in number-form. Prepare to be schooled.