TOP 5: New York Comic-Con, TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D Set Visit, Wally Pfister Calls THE AVENGERS “Appalling”, CARRIE Teaser Trailer, Hugo Weaving vs. TRANSFORMERS

     October 20, 2012


In the spirit of the Halloween season, last night I watched The Cabin in the Woods again for the first time since catching it in theaters back in April. After a second viewing, my feelings on the film haven’t really changed. I love it. I love it with the passion of an army of “Mermen”. It’s just a brilliant blend of satire, horror and comedy and I’ll argue all day/all night with anyone who tells me differently (in all fairness, it’s okay if you don’t like the movie…you’re wrong, but it’s okay). If you’re like me and enjoy taking in horror classics around good ol’ All Hallows’ Eve, I ask that you do yourself a favor and include The Cabin in the Woods in your classic programming slate. You’ll either (A) love it or (B) have the opportunity to argue with me all day/all night. It’s a win-win.

With my Halloween viewing recommendation in hand, I’ll now present to you this week’s edition of our Top 5. In this week’s iteration is our coverage of New York Comic-Con 2012, yours truly’s Texas Chainsaw 3D set visit, Wally Pfister using the words “appalling” and The Avengers in the same sentence and all hell breaking loose shortly thereafter, the first teaser trailer for director Kimberly Peirce‘s Carrie remake, and Hugo Weaving vs. Transformers. A brief recap and link to each patiently awaits your attention after the jump.

1. New York Comic-Con 2012 Coverage


Steve and Matt may have had the pleasure of covering New York Comic-Con 2012 last week (check out all of their coverage here or skip right ahead to Steve’s always entertaining Cosplay gallery here), but neither of them had the opportunity to attend the small-town comics convention I visited earlier this morning in the pop-culture Mecca that is Harrisburg, Illinois. So, if you really think about it, they only have like a few thousand up on me.

2. TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D Set Visit Coverage


Back in August 2011 I had the opportunity to visit the Shreveport, Louisiana set of Texas Chainsaw 3D. During my visit I learned a lot about the film and more than enough about how miserably hot August in Louisiana can be. All said, though, I’d say the scales tipped pretty heavily in my favor. For all of the bloody details, check out my visit recap and ten things to know about the film as well as set interviews with Alexandra Daddario, director John Luessenhop, producer Carl Mazzocone, Scott Eastwood, and Leatherface himself, Dan Yeager (look for an interview with actor Paul Rae to come your way at some point this weekend too).

3. Wally Pfister Calls THE AVENGERS “Appalling”

This past week, Oscar-winning cinematographer Wally Pfister told the Sarasota Herald-Tribune that he found the visual storytelling in The Avengers to be “appalling” (to which, Joss Whedon had an all-class response). Surprisingly enough this created a pretty worthwhile discussion of film vs. digital and items of the like in our comments section. In fact, there were so few degrading “you’re opinion sucks because you suck at having opinions” posts that I almost forgot I was on the Internet. Click here to check out the original post and join in the film vs. digital debate if you feel so inclined.

4. First Teaser Trailer for CARRIE Remake Starring Chloe Moretz


The past week was a busy one for Kimberly Peirce’s Carrie remake around these parts. Matt recapped the film’s New York Comic-Con panel, Steve sat down with star Chloë Grace Moretz for a video interview (where Kick-Ass 2 talk was also on the docket), and its initial teaser trailer graced the interwebs for the first time. Carrie remake enthusiasts unite, you’re time here has come!

5. Hugo Weaving vs. TRANSFORMERS


Our site became quite the conduit for controversy last week when our own Christina Radish sat down to talk with Hugo Weaving about Cloud Atlas and his voice work in Transformers came up. Perhaps in an effort to be as forthcoming as possible, the actor referred to his work in the franchise as “meaningless” and admitted to having never even met director Michael Bay. Naturally, Bay didn’t take so kindly to Weaving’s words and offered up a response that, as much as I understand Weaving’s lack of interest in the Transformers franchise, I can’t say I totally disagree with.