TOP 5: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, Thomas Jane’s THE PUNISHER Short Film, THE MASTER, Joss Whedon in SCARY SMASH, Our Comic-Con 2012 Coverage

     July 21, 2012

collider-top-5-sliceAnything that I write this week will ultimately prove miniscule and severely unimportant in the wake of the Aurora, CO tragedy. While it’s an unfortunate truth that lives are senselessly lost every day for reasons that defy any and all logic, the fact that this particular incident took place in an atmosphere so many us of cherish and during an event that was so genuinely anticipated has made this all too familiar story one that really hits home. All of this said, I’ll refrain from pretending to know or understand the first thing about what the victims of the shooting are going through. Instead, I’ll just offer my sincerest condolences to all those involved.

In an impossible segue, this week’s Top 5 is headlined by The Dark Knight Rises while also shining our weekly spotlight on The Punisher‘s new short film Dirty Laundry, the first poster and new trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson‘s The Master, Joss Whedon taking out a giant one-eyed monster in the 5-year-old inspired short film Scary Smash, and an ode to our nearly infinite supply of Comic-Con 2012 coverage. A link and brief recap for each rests after the jump.



After all of the waiting, all of the anticipation, post after post regarding the slightest tidbit of info, the finale to Christopher Nolan’s Bat trilogy finally became available for public consumption this weekend. If you’ve already seen The Dark Knight Rises, I encourage you to click over to Matt’s hotly contested review of the pic and join in on the comments section “fun”. If you’ve yet to check it out, I strongly recommend making arrangements to do so immediately for two reasons: 1) I think it’s really good and 2) it gives you the opportunity to discuss its merits or lack thereof with a frame of reference that is far more reliable than “I KNOW it’s going to be awesome!” or “I KNOW it’s going to suck!”.

2. DIRTY LAUNDRY – Thomas Jane’s New THE PUNISHER Short Film


I’ve long contended that Thomas Jane’s 2004 turn as The Punisher is one of the more underrated comic-book adaptations to grace the silver screen. And while the short film that debuted at Comic-Con, Dirty Laundry, is exponentially more violent than Jane’s aforementioned take on the character, it confirms my belief that the actor and one of Marvel’s most vengeful characters are a match made in comic book movie heaven.

3. New Trailer and First Poster for THE MASTER


I took some heat in the Top 5 a few weeks back for saying that PTA’s The Master was shaping up to move me in a way that There Will Be Blood never could. With this week’s release of a stellar new trailer and the first poster, I’m going to stand by my statements not so much as a slight against Blood but rather as a testament to just how great I think Master could end up being.

4. Joss Whedon Handles a Giant Monster in Short Film SCARY SMASH


I knew Joss Whedon had it in him. Not only has he proven his creative prowess in a variety of media including television, film, and comics, but thanks to the sterling imagination of 5-year-old Brett Baligad, he can now add action hero to his resume. If you’ve yet to check out this “Written by a Kid” installment known as Scary Smash then I urge you to right that wrong quickly by clicking here.

5. Our Vast Inventory of Comic-Con 2012 Coverage


How else can I put this? We covered the hell out of Comic-Con 2012 to the point where we’re still posting artifacts from that glorious few days in beautiful San Diego one full week after the fact. Put differently, we recapped all of our interviews, images, etc., and all of our panel recaps and then proceeded to post four more pages worth of coverage afterwards with more still yet to come. In short, just click here for all of our Comic-Con 2012 coverage and throw away any plans you made for the rest of the day.