TOP 5: TIFF 2015 Coverage, King Kong vs. Godzilla, ‘The Visit’

     September 12, 2015

top-5-sliceNow available on VOD is writer/director Patrick Brice‘s bizarre comedy The Overnight. The film premiered at Sundance earlier this year, made the rounds on the festival circuit, and enjoyed a theatrical release back in June. You may remember Brice’s name from when I wrote about his other feature, Creep starring himself and Mark Duplass, a few weeks ago. The Overnight leans more toward comedy whereas Creep sits firmly in the horror/suspense camp, but Brice keeps the motivation of his leads tightly under wraps in both. I’ll be interested to see if the element of mystery becomes a recurring trait in Brice’s future projects as he uses it deftly in his first two features within two different genres.

While Brice is certainly a talent to keep an eye on, the real strength of The Overnight lies in its cast. The vast majority of the film is set during a dinner party in which Adam Scott, Taylor Schilling, Jason Schwartzman, and Judith Godrèche are the only guests. Over the course of the night the overall mood of the party bounces between funny, pleasant, light, cathartic, odd, and flat-out weird. It’s a credit to their performances that no matter how strange things get between their characters, we never stop caring about how the night will end and what lessons they’ll take from it. While some of the situations dance with the extreme, the final product is an honest, funny look at marriage and the all too common insecurities that relationships struggle with.

Recommendations aside, let’s get to this week’s Top 5:

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