TOP 5: Xbox One Reveal, MAN OF STEEL Final Trailer, THE HANGOVER PART III Interviews, THE WORLD’S END, BEFORE MIDNIGHT Interviews

     May 25, 2013


Whether you’re a gamer or not, if you have the slightest interest in pop culture happenings then you probably know that Microsoft announced its next-gen console, the Xbox One, earlier this week. As someone who has already decided to throw all of my console eggs into Microsoft’s basket, I was a little disappointed that my two primary questions: 1) “When can I get it?” and 2) “For how much?” weren’t answered. Nevertheless, the Interwebs are also filled with grumblings from undecided consumers who thought Microsoft’s big reveal focused too much on the other entertainment features of the One as opposed to the gaming experience (see this amusingly edited video of the announcement as an example of their frustration). Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t care less about using my Xbox to check fantasy football stats and/or being able to power the console on with my voice as opposed to the physically intensive act of pushing a button on my controller. That said, I would offer that those ready to commit to Sony’s PS4 at least give Microsoft a few weeks to roll out more details of the One’s games at E3. If we come out of that still talking about our ability to seamlessly switch between The Price is Right and a Skype call then we may have something to complain about.

If the above paragraph whetted your appetite for more console talk from a novice gamer then you’re in luck. This week’s Top 5 includes more on Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal, the final trailer for Man of Steel, The Hangover Part III interviews with Bradley Cooper and more, the U.S trailer and a couple of new posters for Edgar Wright‘s The World’s End, and Before Midnight interviews with Richard Linklater, Ethan Hawke, and Julie Delpy. A brief recap and link to each of the above awaits after the jump.

1. Microsoft Announces Xbox One


I’m only mildly ashamed to admit that this past Tuesday morning/afternoon was all about anticipation for and reaction to Microsoft’s big next-gen console reveal for me. As pointed out in the opening paragraph, there are plenty of details still outstanding regarding the actual gaming component of the Xbox One. That said, I’m more interested in learning how long I can expect to play this beast before it inevitably “red rings of death” on me and I have to ship it back to Microsoft for a replacement. Two hours? A day? The anticipation is killing me.

2. Final Trailer for MAN OF STEEL


If you’ve ever read a single Top 5 installment where I’ve mentioned Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel then you know that I can’t wait to see this movie. Because my expectations are so high, I wasn’t sure that another trailer could really do anything to pique my interest any further. Well, as is often the case, I was wrong. This final trailer, led by Michael Shannon’s General Zod, is really, really good and only strengthens my conviction that June 14th cannot get here soon enough.

3. THE HANGOVER PART III Interviews with Bradley Cooper and More


I would very much like to leave The Hangover Part III having enjoyed the last two hours of my life immensely. While most critical reaction from the pic is telling me that likely won’t be the case (check out Matt’s review here), I’m going into this one with an open-mind, hoping for the best and expecting The Hangover Part II at worst. If you’re like me and steadfast on finishing out the trilogy strong, then I recommend that you supplement your screening with Steve’s interviews with director Todd Phillips & screenwriter Craig Mazin, Ken Jeong, and Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, and Bradley Cooper.

4. U.S. Trailer and New Posters for Edgar Wright’s THE WORLD’S END


The U.K. trailer for Edgar Wright’s latest, The World’s End, premiered a few weeks back and while there’s zero chance I don’t pay to see this one in theaters irrespective of what the trailers look like, I think this U.S. trailer (there’s new posters too!) that debuted this past week is a notch or two above its predecessor. Normally I would use this as a means of celebrating the United States’ vast superiority to the United Kingdom. However, given that Wright and plenty of others associated with the film are products of the U.K., and the pic is hitting theaters more than a month earlier there than it is here in the States, I really don’t think I have a strong argument. Backs away slowly so as to not piss off any U.K. based readers…

5. BEFORE MIDNIGHT Interviews with Richard Linklater and More


I’m going to put any confidence you the reader may have in my movie tastes on the line and openly admit that I’ve never seen director Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise or Before Sunset. The good news is that, with this weekend’s limited release of Before Midnight (Matt’s review here), now seems like a great time for me to sit down and take those two in so that I can be ready for Midnight should it expand nationally to a theater near my humble Midwest abode. While I work on that, I suggest anyone with an interest in the Before films take in Steve’s video interviews with the aforementioned Richard Linklater and stars Ethan Hawke and Julie Delby.