Topher Grace and Stephen Moyer Talk THE DOUBLE, On-Set Pranks, THE WEST WING and Spy Movies

     October 29, 2011

Topher Grace and Stephen Moyer THE DOUBLE interview slice

There have been few spy movies in the past decade without a middle east centered plotline. The Double, starring Topher Grace, Richard Gere, and True Blood’s Stephen Moyer, is a throwback to the cold-war espionage films of the ’60s. When a US Senator’s murder bears the trademark of an infamous assassin, rookie FBI agent (Grace), must team up with a retired CIA operative (Gere) to find the killer’s whereabouts. But when true identities are called into question, each must decide who’s playing who.

At the film’s press day, I sat down with Grace and Moyer, who has a small but integral role as a Russian convict. After joking about their Internet habits, on-set pranks, and Moyer’s love of The West Wing (Martin Sheen plays a FBI honcho), we didn’t have time for much else. The two actors, who have a great banter,  also discuss their favorite spy films and getting into character. Hit the jump for the full interview.

Topher Grace and Stephen Moyer

  • 0:10 Topher confesses his love for Collider
  • 1:00 Stephen Moyer getting into character
  • 1:43 Stephen Moyere discusses a prank on the True Blood set
  • 3:10 Stephen Moyer discusses typecasting
  • 3:28 Topher talks about working with generous actors
  • 4:16 Stephen Moyer’s love of Martin Sheen and The West Wing
  • 4:58 Their favorite spy movies


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