Toy Biz is dead. Long live Marvel Toys!

     September 2, 2007

Words and pictures by Ryan Brookhart

Hello again. Ryan here. Back with the first of a few Toy Culture updates.

When Toy Biz lost the license to make toys based on the Marvel Property (that’s Hasbro’s domain now), there was a lot of speculation what Toy Biz would do they were chiefly known as the Marvel Legends people, and without those hyper-articulated figures carrying the banner, there seemed little else for them in the collectibles world.

Well, flash forward to this month with the first major release from the newly regrouped Toy Biz, compellingly renamed Marvel Toys?

That’s right, the company that’s NOT making Marvel Toys has the name. Go figure! Things have actually gotten a little cheeky in other ways too. Marvel Toys, aka Toy Biz (better known as the Marvel Legends guys) have what looks like an extension of the line and they’re calling it… Legendary Comic Book Heroes. Same as it ever was.

But not quite.

In reality, Legendary Comic Book Heroes is a very strong debut for a reformed company. I’d go so far as to say the Hasbro iteration of Marvel Legends pales in comparison to LCBH, so far.

In series one we get Witchblade, Savage Dragon, Ripclaw (weakest figure of the bunch), Madman, Judge Dread (excellent), and Superpatriot. By in large the paint apps are great, the plastics are firm and the joints are solid. Overall, a great debut. I’ll feature those figures at a later date.

But wait, there’s more. Marvel Toys has not abandoned the other thing that put them on the map with action figure collectors. The build-a-figure is also back, and by far, it’s the best build-a-figure ever made.

Hands down, PITT, Dale Keown’s creation, is rendered as a massively articulated hunk of plastic. To say he towers over the other figures in the line (once built… each of series one comes with a piece of PITT), is an understatement. He’s as wide as he is tall, hefty, and just makes you feel good to be a collector. What can I say? He’s easily a high-water mark for 2007 in the toy world.

LCBH also released this month 2 two packs: Clownface &amp Panda from Body Bags and Conan &amp Wraarl. Both these sets are very strong and continue the fine work from series one.

Enjoy the pictures and I’ll see you soon!


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