TOY STORY 3 Currently at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes

     June 16, 2010


Pixar films usually dominate on the “Tomatometer” on Rotten Tomatoes.  Here’s a breakdown: Toy Story: 100%, A Bug’s Life: 91%, Toy Story 2: 100%, Monsters, Inc.: 95%, Finding Nemo: 98%, The Incredibles: 97%, Ratatouille: 96%, WALL-E: 96%, Up: 98% .  The only outlier is Cars, which drove in at 74%,

Toy Story 3 is shaping up to join the over-90% crowd.  It’s currently at 100% fresh with 13 review logged.  Of course, I’m sure that number is going to drop because resident critic/troll Armond White exists.  But I would wager that after all the reviews are in, Pixar’s latest will rest comfortably above the 90% mark. [Update: Toy Story 3 has been certified fresh and is still holding at 100% with 83 reviews logged]


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