New TOY STORY Short Attached to THE MUPPETS

     February 18, 2011


While it looks like we may be done with Toy Story feature films (at least for a while), the franchise is living on in the form of pre-feature shorts.  We reported last December that Cars 2 would have a Toy Story short that sees Barbie and Ken going on a Hawaiian vacation.  But now it looks like there will be a second Toy Story short set for this year and it will be attached to a Disney non-Pixar flick.  Buried in a Variety story about Disney’s franchise plans is word that a new Toy Story short will play in front of The Muppets, which is due out November 23rd.  Unfortunately, there are no further details about the short.

It’s interesting to see Pixar take a larger role in Disney’s franchise plans to the point where they’ll have one of their shorts in front of a movie they didn’t make and isn’t even animated.  However, everyone loves Toy Story, so I don’t think anyone will be complaining.

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