Box Art for the Ten-Disc TOY STORY Trilogy Blu-ray/DVD

     September 12, 2010

Toy Story_DVD_Blu-ray_Ultimate_Toy_Box_Collection_slice

June’s heartwarming and immensely successful Toy Story 3 wrapped up what must be considered the greatest animated trilogy of all time.  For some, you could even omit the “animated” qualifier.

On November 2nd, you can own the memories on home video.  Disney has assembled a ten-disc box set for the Toy Story trilogy on Blu-ray and DVD, sure to feature an endless supply of extras.  Check out the wagon-themed box art after the jump.

As The Pixar Blog notes, the villainous Lotso is a curious choice for a cover spot.  After all, Stinky Pete didn’t get the Toy Story 2 slot.

Toy Story_DVD_Blu-ray_Ultimate_Toy_Box_Collection


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