‘The Toys That Made Us’ Season 2 Review: Another Delightful Dip into Nostalgia

     May 25, 2018


Looking for an easy watch this Memorial Day weekend? Look no further than Netflix’s The Toys That Made Us, the nostalgia-heavy history show that revisits some of the most iconic toy franchises in existence. We offered you a clip from the new episodes earlier this month, but now, Season 2 (or Part 2, really) is here in its entirety for your streaming pleasure. And if you missed the first go-round, you’re in luck! You can still stream the series’ revisits of Star WarsBarbieHe-Man and G.I. Joe before moving onto the new episodes.

Season 2 focuses on some equally heavy hitters: Star TrekTransformersLEGO, and Hello Kitty. Don’t expect a fully exhaustive, serious documentary-style history of each franchise, but rather a decent walkthrough of the toys’ history, the major players in the story, and the successes and failures throughout their run. The Toys That Made Us is aimed more at casual fans than serious collectors, though just about everyone should find something fascinating here. For those who simply want a dose of nostalgia, this is a great way to do just that. Creative folks who need a little boost for their own career pursuits will find inspiration in these stories, and businesspeople looking for interesting angles in outwitting the competition can, surprisingly, find some insight here.


Image via Netflix

Do any of these toy franchises speak to you more than others? Is there a toyline they haven’t covered yet that you’d love to learn about? Let us know in the comments! I’ll get into some of the specifics of what you can find on each episode below, but if you’d rather just dive straight into it, fire up your favorite streaming device and head to Netflix now!

Rating: ★★★ Good

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