Tracy Morgan Boards ID THEFT and Is Confirmed for FRESHMAN ROOMMATES

     March 5, 2010


Tracy Morgan has become a hot commodity in Hollywood and has now signed on to star in Warner Bros.’ ID Theft and is confirmed to co-star in Paramount’s Freshman Roommates.  According to Deadline, ID Theft has Morgan playing, “a cash-strapped father who sees a shortcut out of his struggles when the credit card of a suburban dad lands in his lap.”  This is supposed to be a comedy, but there is nothing funny about identity theft (unless Morgan’s character uses the card to make wacky purchases).

As for Freshman Roommates, Morgan will co-star with TJ Miller (She’s Out of My League), which Variety originally reported in December 2008.  Roommates follows a guy (Miller) who answers one of those Nigerian e-mail scams, only to have the spoiled son of a deposed African dictator (Morgan), showing up at his door and looking for his inheritance.

It’s nice that Morgan’s getting more successful, but I will not be happy until I see the movies of his character on 30 Rock, Tracy Jordan.  Everyday I pray for the announcement of Samurai I-Am-Urai and A Blaffair to Rememblack.

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