Trailer for F. Gary Gray’s LAW ABIDING CITZEN Starring Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx

     August 13, 2009


The trailer for “Law Abiding Citizen” has hit and I’m of two minds on the film judging from what’s presented.  On the one hand, Jamie Foxx’s character seems to have no depth whatsoever and is just a victim.  Also (at least on the surface), it looks like angry white man going against successful black man.  You don’t see movies where the white prosecutor stays true to life and fucks over the black man.  But then there’s Gerard Butler and he has an interesting-looking character who is justified because they killed his little girl but he also seems to take a sadistic pleasure from his revenge.  It’s kind of like Ellen Page in “Hard Candy”.

Check out the trailer after the jump and maybe you’ll just be of one mind on the film.  “Law Abiding Citizen” hits theatres on October 16th.


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