Trailer for Jared Hess’ GENTLEMAN BRONCOS Starring Jemaine Clement and Sam Rockwell

     August 13, 2009


Today the trailer for Jared Hess’ “Gentleman Broncos” came out and it looks pretty damn funny. Hess kind of dropped out of favor after “Napoleon Dynamite” became mainstream and there was the inevitable backlash even though I should have been cheered for being a truly independent film and not just a low-budget Hollywood flick from a studio’s indie wing.  “Nacho Libre” was certainly a misfire but it looks like Hess has struck the right balance with his new film.  Hit the jump to find out why.

Hess now has a little bit of a budget to play with but not so much that he’ll go totally out of control.  His quirky sensibility is still on display but it looks like he’s got a better handle on it and while Clement will probably end up stealing the film, Benjamin Purvis (Michael Angarano) looks like a real person (unlike Napoleon). Oh, it also has Sam Rockwell playing a fey transsexual so that’s 500 bonus points right there.

Click over to Apple (who should create an embeddable player instead of adding stuff to the iPhone that should’ve been there in the first place) to check it out .  “Gentleman Broncos” will open Fantastic Fest 2009 on September 24th.  It begins a limited release on October 30th.


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