Trailer: G-FORCE

     January 8, 2009

Written by Matt Goldberg

I love how the “G-Force” trailer kicks off by telling us how animals have been used in combat over the years, like it’s “We3” or something.

However, I did not know that we used dolphins to detect sea mines. My theory is that we already knew the sea mines were there but we wanted to prove we were smarted than dolphins. I think we made our point. Also, any movie with a trailer that has a dolphin getting blown the fuck up can’t be all bad.

I really have no hope for this movie being good but I’m always willing to be pleasantly surprised even if guinea pigs are disgusting creatures who are undeserving of their own movie where they spout phrases like “Holla”.

Check out the trailer below. “G-Force” opens July 24th.

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