November 4, 2008

Written by Matt Goldberg

It’s easy to root for the underdog especially if the underdog is hilarious. While we report major breaking stories of movie stars and powerful studios moving forward with whatever press release they sent out to Variety, whenever possible it’s good to report on more independent features. It doesn’t get much more indie than the Internet and the comedy group Derrick Comedy has made their fame online with their series of sketches. Click on over to their site (, click on “Videos” and check out “Girls Are Not To Be Trusted” and “Bro Rape”. If you’re not hooked after that brilliance, then clearly laughter is not for you.

Today we thought we’d bring to your attention the trailer for their feature-length debut, “Mystery Team”. It’s got some pretty great lines, none of which I’ll spoil here. Check out the trailer and the official synopsis below and we’ll be sure to let you know how this film is moving through festivals and hopefully major distribution. For more here’s the official website.

When they were kids, The Mystery Team was Oakford’s kid detective agency, solving pint-size mysteries like “Who stuck their finger in the pie?” Now it’s senior year of high school, and The Mystery Team is still solving mysteries the exact same way.

But when a double murder is committed down the street, Jason, Duncan and Charlie take it upon themselves to solve it in order to prove to the town (and themselves) that they can be real, grown-up detectives.

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