March 5, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

If any of you go to see “Watchmen” this weekend you’ll be seeing a ton of great trailers, and one of them is for director Todd Phillips new movie “The Hangover”. If you don’t recognize his name, Todd previously made “Old School”, so that should be enough to get you excited. But he’s also landed some great people like Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Heather Graham, Justin Bartha and Jeffrey Tambor to star in the film, so that helps.

In case you don’t remember, I went to the set a few months ago and thought the film looked great. We watched a scene being filmed which is in the trailer below where we laughed so hard we ruined a take. It’s the scene when they get intothe police car.

But let me back up a second, “The Hangover” is about a group of friends that go to Las Vegas and everything that can go wrong does. Here’s the synopsis:

Two days before his wedding, Doug and his three friends drive to Las Vegas for a blow-out bachelor party they’ll never forget. But, in fact, when the three groomsmen wake up the next morning, they can’t remember a thing. For some reason, they find a tiger in the bathroom and a six-month-old baby in the closet of their suite at Caesars Palace. The one thing they can’t find is Doug. With no clue as to what transpired and little time to spare, the trio must retrace their hazy steps and all their bad decisions in order to figure out where things went wrong and hopefully get Doug back to L.A. in time to walk down the aisle.

Trust me, it’s going to be a very funny movie. Finally, I recently spoke to someone who saw an early test screening and he said he laughed his ass off. Sort of like what I did at the end of this trailer…’ll see.

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