March 30, 2008

Written by Matt Goldberg

Sometimes trailers surprise me. The two we have today are both for movies I would have totally considered skipping until now.

The first is for “Bangkok Dangerous”. Dumb title, frightening poster, but if studios are going to continue to indulge the action fantasies of Nicolas Cage, then this isn’t a bad way to do it. I buy Nicolas Cage as a hitman. In fact, I suspect if ever asked, “If you couldn’t be an actor, what would you do?” he would say, “Kill people for money,” Of course, “Dangerous” does have a moral and it’s that hitmen should remain amoral if they can’t kill their way out of reneging on a contract.

Guns don’t kill people, bullets projected at a high velocity kill people:

The second trailer is for “Pathology” and while Milo Ventimiglia may be the lead, this clearly looks like Michael Weston will own this movie.

I’m cool with that because I like Weston a lot more than I like Ventimiglia whose lower lip is constantly trying to escape from his face. The film follows med students who try to pull off the perfect murder although the trailer just makes it look like their vigilantes who want to just get a lot of dead bodies. If the film is set in New York City, they don’t need to kill to acquire corpses. If “Law & Order” has taught me anything, it’s that people in Manhattan stumble over cadavers all the time. Taking out the trash? Corpse. Going for a jog? Corpse. Trying to find a place to hide the person you just killed? Corpse.

Below? Corpse:

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