‘Trainspotting 2’ Cast Confirmed for 2017 Release

     December 5, 2015


That Trainspotting sequel we’ve been reporting on for a few years now is finally, actually happening. Per Variety, TriStar Pictures has secured worldwide rights to Trainspotting 2 with production slated to begin in the spring with the entire main cast returning. That includes Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller, Ewen Bremner, and Robert Carlyle, as well as director Danny Boyle, who’s been spearheading this little reunion for the past few years.

The prospect of the Trainspotting follow-up happening was very much up in the air, as McGregor and Boyle had a bit of a falling out when Boyle abruptly gave the lead role in The Beach to Leonardo DiCaprio instead of McGregor despite making a promise to the latter. The actor has cooled as of late (after an apology from Boyle), expressing his interest in returning to further the story of Trainspotting with Boyle behind the camera, and now all the pieces have fallen into place for this sequel to firmly come together.


Image via Miramax

The issue of scheduling also provided an obstacle for Boyle since Miller is a regular on CBS’ Elementary, but it appears they’ll be shooting Trainspotting 2 during his hiatus. Original screenwriter John Hodge, who earned an Academy Award nomination for his stellar Trainspotting script, penned the follow-up based on Irvine Welsh’ own sequel novel Porno, which finds the characters crossing paths once again, this time against the backdrop of the pornography business.

This marks an interesting career move for Boyle, who is coming off the excellent Steve Jobs. I’m curious to see how the Oscar-winning filmmaker revisits the same characters and material that jump started his career, but now with a couple decades of experience under his belt. Will Trainspotting 2 be just as inventive and visceral as the first film? Here’s hoping.

With filming set to get underway next spring, the aim is to have the film in theaters sometime in 2017.


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