TRAINWRECK Bloopers Confirm LeBron James Is Hilarious, Loves Cleveland

     July 31, 2015


While director Judd Apatow’s last couple of films weren’t exactly up to the quality of his earlier movies, the winning combination of Apatow and comedian Amy Schumer proved fruitful for the new film Trainwreck. Schumer wrote a complicated screenplay that wasn’t satisfied by just being funny and/or dirty, and she’s dynamite in the film’s leading role. Not only is Trainwreck hilarious and surprisingly moving, it’s also just a really good romantic comedy. The genre’s been devoid of quality films for far too long, but along comes Schumer and Apatow to revive it with something fresh yet in many ways traditional. Schumer commits wholly as an actress and shows off incredible range, while Bill Hader proves that he is a brilliant leading man and an immensely undervalued actor. But one of the film’s biggest surprises was LeBron James, who’s the pic’s scene-stealer in the “guy’s best friend” role opposite Hader.

Now that Trainwreck has been in theaters for a couple of weeks, Universal has released a “Line-O-Rama” video that reveals a slew of alternate jokes as well as some guffaw-inducing outtakes. It’s another showcase of Schumer’s quick wit as well as James’ talent for comedy. And if Hader’s infectious laugh doesn’t make you crack up, I don’t know what to tell you.

Check out the Trainwreck “Line-O-Rama” video below, click here to listen to Matt and I discuss the film (and Apatow’s career) on the latest episode of The Collider Podcast, and see the movie in theaters if you haven’t already.


Image via Universal Pictures

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