Movie Designed to Make Loads of Money Makes Loads of Money; TRANSFORMERS 3 Makes $37 Million on Opening Day

     June 30, 2011


I usually don’t cover box office stuff because I don’t really care.  However since, Paramount basically decided to give Transformers: Dark of the Moon a six-day opening weekend by releasing the movie at 9pm Tuesday night, the box office gross will be kind of ridiculous.  However, for its opening day, the new film opened with $37 million, which is far short of the $62 million Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen made on its opening Wednesday, but more than the $27.9 million the first Transformers grossed.  Combined with its Tuesday night opening, Dark of the Moon has already grossed $42.5 million thus far and we haven’t truly reached the July 4th weekend yet.  Expect the final weekend tally to be almost as silly as the movie itself. [erc Box Office]

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