Unofficial Set Photos and Video from TRANSFORMERS 3; First Image of Megan Fox’s Replacement, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

     June 21, 2010

New images from the set of Michael Bay’s Transformers 3 have arrived online.  They provide the first look of new cast member Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who took over the role of Shia LaBeouf’s love interest after Megan Fox parted ways with the production in May.  As you can see in the photo, the former Victoria’s Secret model is doing bang-up work at her new job, which basically has the same requirement as her old job—looking physically attractive.

With the number of locations they’re planning to shoot, I would expect a steady stream of non-official set photos going online throughout the production.  There’s also a photo of Tyrese Gibson and LaBeouf standing near a bazooka.  So to recap: hot girl and giant weapon.  I’m not sure what else I was expecting.  Hit the jump to check out the photos along with some video from the set.

Click over to Just Jared for more photos.

The Transformers Live Action Movie Blog posted some spy videos of this scene which features a “tilting” set, which is where giant hydraulic jacks tilt the set.  In this case, it’s the floor of an office building.  See how it tilts!


Transformers 3 is planning a worldwide shoot and will film in LA, Chicago, Washington DC, Florida (specifically the Kennedy Space Center), Texas, Africa, Moscow, and China.  In addition to LaBeouf, Huntington-Whiteley, and Gibson, the film also brings back Josh Duhamel along with Kevin Dunn and Julie White as Sam’s parents.  New cast members include John Malkovich, Frances McDormand, Ken Jeong, and Alan TudykWho’s not going to be in the film? The awful, awful racist caricatures, “The Twins”.  I’m still thankful for that.

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