First Image of Optimus Prime from TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION

     November 25, 2013


We’ve seen images of the human characters from Transformers: Age of Extinction, which is all well and good, but people show up for the Autobots and Decepticons.  They’ll also be showing up for Dinobots in the new movie, but for now we have the first look at good old’ Optimus Prime who now looks…old.  The red paint is now almost completely gone, a lot of his gears are laid bare, and his expression is much meaner.  I’m curious to see how this new appearance will carry over to other transformers, and if it’s an indicator of a far more serious tone (or at least as serious as movie can be where vehicles turn into giant alien robots).  It’s worth noting that the image of the Transformers 4 toy we saw a couple months ago had more color, so perhaps the Optimus Prime on the Empire Magazine cover isn’t the one we see at the beginning of the film.

Hit the jump to check out the image.  The film stars Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor, Kelsey Grammer, Stanley Tucci, T.J. Miller, Titus Welliver, Han Geng, Sophia Myles, and Li BingbingTransformers: Age of Extinction opens in theaters on June 27, 2014.

Via Empire.


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