Expect More Grimlock, Dinobots in ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’

     December 5, 2016


One of the biggest crowd-pleasers in Michael Bay’s Transformers: Age of Extinction was the arrival of the fan-favorite Dinobots and their leader, Grimlock. But you can’t just introduce a fire-breathing T. rex robot and then let him walk off into the sunset with his Dinobot pals. No, you need to bring him back for Transformers: The Last Knight, which is exactly what Bay, Hasbro, and Paramount Pictures will be doing.

As part of Steve Weintraub’s extensive set visit coverage, he learned from super-producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura that Grimlock will be making a triumphant return in the fifth movie in the franchise. Also, as confirmed by Bay himself, additional Dinobots will be making an appearance in a way that might surprise some fans.


Image via Paramount Pictures

First up, let’s talk Grimlock, whose return was revealed by di Bonaventura:


I think everybody wanted to see more Dinobots, including ourselves, you know what I mean? We all were like, “God, we wish we could have found a way in that story to include them more.” So that was one of the hopes/priorities going into this, was to try to find a way to bring them back into the stories.


You’re going to see Grimlock again. So that, to me, is one of the characters in the last movie that didn’t get enough screen time.

I think most fans will tend to agree with that last statement, but the question remains: Just how will Grimlock change this time around?

He has a personality this time, for sure. A little more personality, that’s for sure.

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