‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ Featurette CeIebrates IMAX & Michael Bay’s Collaborative History

     November 16, 2016


Whatever anyone might say about the substance of Michael Bay‘s films, the man is undeniably an auteur of sorts. His films have a very specific look that has influenced hundreds of filmmakers, especially in the action and science-fiction genres. In some cases, his acolytes seemingly cop his style verbatim but they simply don’t have the bombast that Bay’s movies do. When his movies are good, such as with The Rock and Pain & Gain, they have an aggressive fury and diabolical humor that suggests Bay is all-too-aware of his  image as a hyper-masculine crafter of loud, cowardly male fantasies. In most of his works, that self-awareness is simply not there at all.


Image via Paramount

In those cases, the only thrill left is to see just how big Bay is going to get with his movies. The Dinobots and that gigantic, city-eating mechanical worm were astounding feats of CGI nonsense, all constantly moving metal elements clattering, exploding, and recombining in dozens of different ways, and the titular alien beings are similarly wonderful to look at, up to a point. Bay is a spectacle man and he’s a pretty shallow one, but he’s certainly not a lazy one. His work with IMAX and their cameras, which is the subject of Transformers: The Last Knight‘s latest featurette, proves a deep love and fascination with the future of moviemaking and its technological capabilities.

In the video, which you can take a look at below, IMAX’s Greg Foster speaks with great affinity about Bay’s push to make IMAX cameras easier to handle without losing the high-resolution imagery. Despite his notorious reputation, Bay isn’t just any old director who thinks wowing the audience is ten times more important than connecting with them. I mean, he is that, absolutely, but his love for the movies and the possibility of what they might become in the coming decades is undeniable.

Here’s the new featurette for Transformers: The Last Knight:

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