Animated ‘Transformers’ Spinoff Coming from ‘Ant-Man’ Scribes

     September 17, 2015


The dust has settled on the Transformers writers room” set up at Paramount Pictures, and the studio now has a game plan for how they’d like to tackle the franchise going forward. First up is Transformers 5, for which Michael Bay has inexplicably decided to return and direct with Mark Wahlberg starring. But while Bay and Co. will jump into pre-production on that film next year for a June production start-date, Deadline reports that Paramount has tasked screenwriters Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari with penning an animated Transformers feature that will follow T5.

The animated film is one idea that was bandied about early on in the writers room process and has been given the “go-ahed” to become a movie. The film will focus on the origin story of the Transformers, taking place on Cybertron—the planet from which all the walking, talking robots hail. Barrer and Ferrari worked on Marvel’s Ant-Man during production to do some on-set rewrites, but originating this Transformers spinoff is certainly a major step forward in their careers.


Image via Paramount Pictures

It’s unclear if “animated” means a film in the vein of Pixar or something utilizing motion-capture, but it doesn’t really make sense to have a live-action Cybertron movie since the environments and characters have to be created digitally. Honestly, you could pretty much consider much of the past three Transformers films “animated movies” when it comes down to it.

While Paramount put a great deal of effort into crafting a very crowded writers room to develop sequel and spinoff ideas for the Transformers universe, it appears that Transformers 5 and this animated film are the only ones that felt ready to move forward with ASAP—though Steven Spielberg (to whom all the ideas were presented) felt that 5 of the 9 ideas presented had enough potential to maybe become films one day.

Whatever eventually happens with the Transformers franchise, what’s clear in the near future is that we’ll be getting another Bay-helmed sequel (because $$$) followed by this animated feature. What do you think, folks? Is a Transformers origin story compelling enough to get its own film? Will audiences still turn out in droves without Actor X and Supermodel Y leading the human cast? Sound off in the comments below.


Image via Paramount Pictures

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