Exclusive: Check out the New Transformers BotBots Coming Exclusively to Comic-Con

     June 24, 2019


Transformers have long been robots in disguise and “more than meets the eye”, but a relatively new line of Hasbro toys take those ideas to an all new level. Transformers have been vehicles, military equipment, prehistoric creatures, insects and animals, construction equipment, and much more. Transformers BotBots take the concept to a cute and collectible level, hiding otherworldly robots behind what appear to be common and ordinary items. But a new batch of BotBots coming exclusively to San Diego Comic-Con are anything but ordinary, and we have an exclusive first look at these upcoming collector’s items.

If you’re not familiar with Transformers BotBots, their lore and mythological origin should bring you up to speed: Not long ago, a glowing mist of Energon came down from the sky and covered a shopping mall. The things inside came to life as little Transformers robots! These bots can hide in plain sight as everyday objects, meaning no one knows what’s a bot and what’s not! Mischievous, funny, and super silly, these are… BotBots!

First up, here’s a look at the Arcade Renegades, the new batch of Transformers BotBots that will be available soon on Amazon.com, followed by our reveal of the Comic-Con exclusives:

Transformers BotBots Arcade Renegades Surprise 16 Figures – Mystery 2-In-1 Figures

(Ages 5 and Up/ Approx. Retail Price: $29.99/ Available: 07/16/2019)


The Arcade Renegades are true button mashers, obsessed with everything about arcade video games. These bots play to win and have the prize tickets to prove it! Collectable BOTBOTS figures are around 1-inch tall and convert between 2 fun modes—a robot and a random object—in 3 to 5 easy steps! Each Arcade Renegades Surprise pack includes 16 figures: 12 Arcade Renegades characters, and 4 random characters from other teams! For a fun unboxing surprise, mash the big orange buttons on the cabinet game-themed Arcade Renegades Surprise pack to reveal the mystery characters inside!

Arcade Renegades characters are KNOTZEL the pretzel, DRIVER TED the racing game, CLAWSOME the claw game, TUTU PUFFZ the cotton candy, OLD COOL the cabinet game, BANK SHOT the pinball machine, CACKLE CORN the popcorn, GREED FEED the ticket monster, 24K-BIT the gold coin, TANGRY TART the lollipop, SHERIFF SUGARFEET the doughnut, SWEET CHEAT the candy bar, PIXELFIN the hat, PAPA CLICK the camera, THE FIZZ the soda cup and WRIST BANNED the wrist band.

botbots-arcade-renegades-tutu-puffzbotbots-arcade-renegades-old-cool botbots-arcade-renegades-old-cool botbots-arcade-renegades-knotzel botbots-arcade-renegades-knotzel

And here’s our exclusive look at the Transformers BotBots Comic-Con exclusives that will only be available to collectors during San Diego Comic-Con International:

Transformers: BotBots Con Crew 10-Pack – Comic-Con-Themed Pack

(Ages 5 and Up/ Approx. Retail Price: $34.99/ Available: 07/18/2019)


Imagine if BOTBOTS took over the halls of Comic-Con! BOTBOTS are mischievous, funny and super silly little TRANSFORMERS robots who came to life after a glowing mist of Energon fell down from the sky and turned everyday objects at Comic-Con to life! This fun convention pack includes ten exciting Comic-Con themed figures known as the CON CREW, a team of Comic-Con experts who are ready to take on the Con!

Within the CON CREW are 3 specialty teams: the celebrity-obsessed MEET N’ GREETS, experts in photo ops and autographs, the energizing FANTASTIC FUELERS, experts in powering through the Con, and the LINE LEAGUE, experts in surviving the many long Comic-Con lines. 3 of the 10 included TRANSFORMERS BOTBOTS figures are also all dressed up in cool cosplay! Ordinary objects like a marker, a to-go coffee cup and a hand-held game become a kaiju, OPTIMUS PRIME, and a super hero! What sort of mischief will these little bots get into at Comic-Con?

The Line League characters are CAPTAIN CARTRIDGE the superhero handheld game, VIGITENTE the tent and CON-PACKTOR the backpack. Fantastic Fuelers include COFEEMUS PRIME the coffee cup dressed as Optimus Prime, CAB O’NATE the energy drink, HAL A. PENO the spicy chips, and SUMTHIN’ FISHY the fish taco. The Meet N’ Greets characters are SCRIBZILLA the marker, BOTARAZZI the camera, and INKY INKERSON the graphic novel.

Available exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con International.

botbots-comic-con-botarazzi botbots-comic-con-botarazzi botbots-comic-con-carb-onate botbots-comic-con-carb-onate botbots-comic-con-conpacktor botbots-comic-con-conpacktor botbots-comic-con-hal-a-peno botbots-comic-con-hal-a-peno botbots-comic-con-inky-inkerson botbots-comic-con-inky-inkerson botbots-comic-con-sumthin-fishy botbots-comic-con-sumthin-fishy

Look for other BOTBOTS packs (available in blind bags, 5-packs, and 8-packs. Each sold separately. Subject to availability) to find different characters! You can collect 190 characters in 2019! Lots to collect and 1 hidden character to discover inside each pack. Convert and see what bot you got!

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