Movie Talk: ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ Plot Details Revealed; ‘Civil War’ Not Over by ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

     September 26, 2016

On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (September 26th, 2016) John Campea, Mark Ellis, Kristian Harloff, Jeremy Jahns and Ashley Mova discuss the following:

  • Box Office Report
  • New plot details revealed for Jumanji
  • Joaquin Phoenix, Jared Leto and Ryan Gosling almost played Doctor Strange
  • Mail Bag


Image via Marvel

Though some fans believe Captain America: Civil War ended the feud between Team Iron Man and Team Cap, that might not be the case. According to the Russo Brothers, Civil War was only the beginning. In an online Q&A, Joe Russo answered a fan’s question that asked which side they believed won, with Joe responding with: “We always thought of this move as the start of the war. It’s not over yet.”

In a report from The Sun, Michael Bay and the production of Transformers: The Last Knight have taken over Winston Churchill’s former home, Blenheim Palace, to reimagine it as Adolf Hitler’s headquarters. This stirred quite the controversy from veteran groups and so Michael Bay released a statement to BBC and in doing so revealed another character when he said that Churchill is in movie and will feature as a big hero. Bay believes Churchill would be smiling about The Last Knight production.

It’s Monday which means it’s time for the weekend box office report brought to you by our friends at AMC Theatres. The Magnificent Seven was indeed magnificent at the weekend box office taking in $35 million in its first weekend of release for an easy No 1. The other wide release, Storks, grabbed the No 2 spot with $21.8 million. Coming in at No 3 was Sully with $13.8 million. At No 4 was Bridget Jones’s Baby with $4.5 million and rounding out the top five was Oliver Stone’s Snowden, bringing in $4.1 million.



Image via The Orchard

In an interview with Shortlist, Sam Neill has revealed he will reunite with both his Hunt for the Wilderpeople director Taika Waititi and his Jurassic Park co-star Jeff Goldblum in Thor: Ragnarok. Speaking about his role, Neill said he’s not really allowed to talk about his role but he did do a couple of days on the movie.

With production on Jumanji now underway, Sony has announced a number of new additions to the cast of the film, which also reveals the plot for the sequel. Alex Wolff, Madison Iseman, Morgan Turner and Ser’Darius Blain have all joined the film, and are playing the “real world, avatar” versions of Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan, Jack Black and Kevin Hart’s characters.

THR reports that New Line Cinema is dipping into mobile game territory with plans to adapt the mobile app Fruit Ninja into a movie adaptation. J.P. Lavin and Chad Damiani are writing the script for the movie which will revolve around a team of misfits who are recruited to become Fruit Ninjas in order to save the world. A release date has not been set.

doctor-strange-posterEmpire magazine reports that Benedict Cumberbatch’s commitment in playing Hamlet in London’s Barbican in the fall of 2015 conflicted with Marvel’s plans for a Summer 2016 release date of Doctor Strange and therefore, the actor could not be involved. The studio then looked to Joaquin Phoenix, Jared Leto and Ryan Gosling for the role; who all met with Scott Derrickson when Kevin Feige ultimately said: “It’s got to be Benedict.”  Marvel then changed their production plans to push the Summer 2016 release to a later date in order to accommodate Cumberbatch’s schedule.


David Olaniyan writes:

Hey Collider Crew, I just wanted to know how do you guys tell when an actor/actress is phoning in a role. For example, I thought Jennifer Lawrence did a good job as Mystique in X-Men Apocalypse but then I hear you guys saying that she wasn’t really good and that she was phoning it in.

8th Wonder Of The World writes: 

As you probably can tell, Kong: Skull Island is 1 of my most anticipated movies of 2017. the original 1933 film is my all time favourite film and I am also a big fan of Peter Jackson’s. However, with Kong now being bigger than ever I was wondering will there be big monster fights. One of the greatest parts of the King Kong history is his fights with the dinosaurs.



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