Transformers VR Experience Coming from Director Michael Bay

     December 5, 2016


If you haven’t used VR yet, trust me when I say it’s a revolution in the making. While the equipment is still in its infancy and the headsets, resolution, and wires will only get smaller, better, and easier to manage, what’s been released thus far shows VR is an application that will change the planet and allow people from all around the world to experience things they never thought possible. A while back I used a VR headset that allowed me to stand on stage at a sold out concert next to the performer while they played a song. I stood there gazing at the sold out crowd from the performer’s point of view. It was a crazy experience and immediately understood why Facebook would spend two billion dollars to get in the VR space. Trust me, once you use VR, you’ll understand why so many people are investing serious money and time to get in the space.

Which brings me to Michael Bay and Transformers.


Image via Paramount Pictures

While I was on the set of Transformers: The Last Knight outside Detroit, Bay revealed he’s developing an original Transformers VR experience. While he wouldn’t get into too many specifics of the story, he did reveal a few key things:

  • The Transformers VR experience is being done with IMAX and ILM
  • It’s an original story.
  • Right now Bay is aiming for it to run nine minutes and it’s not “active” the entire time. But at some points, “you feel things coming right over you. You gotta duck.”
  • They’ve done a test and used a character named Cogman. According to Bay, Cogan is “a psychopath”. Bay explained, “He’s a proper-like butler, he’s a headmaster, so it goes back to the comics. They kind of rip off heads and they become that. So he’s this proper, great looking sociopath. He’s a psycho, but he’s very polite. And he’s like this big [uses his hands to show us the height], and it’s cool just as a test. You see him riding in a car, and behind you, over here and you can just — it’s so much fun.”
  • According to Bay, the only way you’ll be able to play the VR experience at first is in IMAX theaters. He said, “They’re gonna build pods in theaters around the world. There are all these massive theaters, but they don’t use every theater. So they’ll build like 30 pods.” I’m not sure if this means it’ll travel from theater to theater or if it’s going to be released everywhere at once.

With the project still being put together, I’d imagine everything Bay said could be altered during the creation of this experience. But I’m very curious to see what Bay will come up with, because the language of VR experiences is still being written and the only way for VR to get to the next level is for filmmakers like Bay to create cool content.

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