Bob Hoskins, Jason Flemying, Talulah Riley, and Willem Dafoe Board 3D Alien Invasion Flick TRANSMISSION

     August 31, 2010


Bob Hoskins (A Christmas Carol), Jason Flemying (Kick-Ass), and Talulah Riley (Inception) have signed on to star in the extraterrestrial sci-fi film Transmission, described as “Pitch Black meets 28 Days Later.”  Willem Dafoe is likewise in talks for a role, with Roger Christian negotiating a deal to direct.  Christian notably served as set decorator on Star Wars and art director on Alien, classics of the genre.  As a director, he gave us Battlefield Earth, recent winner of “Worst Movie of the Decade” at the Razzies.

According to Moviehole, the British film centers on an alien invasion during a solar eclipse.  Giles Alderson and Martin Owen, the men behind Gold Films, intend to shoot Transmission in 3D.  This one has potential, I suppose, even if it feels like a lot of pieces still need to fall into place.  But hey, if Oscar nominees Bob Hoskins and Willem Dafoe like the script…

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