First Trailer for Abbreviated Fourth and Final Season of TREME; Premiere Set for December 1st

     September 11, 2013


A short teaser trailer for HBO drama Treme has let us know the show will be back for a mere five episodes to wrap up its post-Katrina story of New Orleans.  The David Simon-penned drama will returnDecember 1st at 9 p.m. (instead of in September, as was originally discussed).  Though Treme has never had the kind of audience that HBO’s other dramas have enjoyed (not by a long shot), it’s a testament to the premium network’s respect for Simon (who also brought them The Wire and Generation Kill) that he has been given time to close out the story in a satisfying way.  Hit the jump for the promo.

The teaser, which says the series will pick up 38 months after Katrina, starts off with some sadness: Terry being outed as a snitch, Delmond playing a mournful rendition, Sonny behind bars (?), more violence, and disappointment (please don’t let them cut funding from Antoine’s music class!)

But on the bright side, Annie is still playing, Davis and Janette continue to be “close,” Toni and Sofia are actually getting along, and LaDonna and Albert’s friendship continues to blossom.

According to, HBO’s president of programming Michael Lombardo says of the finale,

Treme’s concluding episodes will provide satisfactory closure for the show’s fans. They end the show really beautifully. It felt right for the show. If felt like there are no stories rushed at the end. And it’s at the right resting place.”

This is fantastic news, and as Lombardo also predicted, it’s also very likely that Treme will continue to grow in popularity over time, much like The Wire did.  But no matter what, it has solidified its place as a very special and affecting show about a very special and affected city.

Treme’s final season will air on HBO December 1st at 9 p.m.