Nicolas Cage, Nicole Kidman, and Joel Schumacher Talk TRESPASS; Plus a Ton of Images from the Film

     October 29, 2010


With Trespass set to wrap its nine-week shoot in Shreveport, Louisiana this weekend, we have a slew of new images from the film as well as quotes from Nicolas Cage, Nicole Kidman, and director Joel Schumacher to share with you today.  For those in the dark about the thriller, Trespass takes place over the course of one day and tells the story of a wealthy husband and wife (Cage & Kidman) who fall victim to a home invasion.  In addition to Cage and Kidman, the film also stars Cam Gigandet, Ben Mendelsohn, Jordana Spiro, and Liana Liberato.  It is currently looking at a 2011 release.

While it’s no secret that Schumacher has put out some clunkers in the past (I’m mostly looking at you, “Nipple Batman,” although I’ve heard less than stellar things about Twelve as well), it is equally true that the director has been responsible for solid offerings such as The Lost Boys and Falling Down.  This in mind, with every new Schumacher release, I find myself willing to give it a chance with the hope that he’ll make something with the type of lasting value his best films possess.  Though I wouldn’t say I’m waiting on pins and needles for Trespass, my approach here will be no different.

To check out quotes, images, and a synopsis for the film, hit the jump.

In discussing the film with the Shreveport Times, Schumacher gives his general breakdown of Trespass:

“I think that’s probably most of our fears. That, in the middle of the night, you’re going to wake up and there’s somebody in your house or apartment. And we’ve seen it in all the news stories and it’s a question of why are these people breaking in on this night and how did they know to do this at this time. Then, there are secrets that lie in Nic and Nicole’s marriage and the daughter has a secret life as well. And there are many secret lives among the criminal family, plus there are cross connections between both families. So it becomes a psychological thriller.”


For her part, Kidman talks about the psychological toll the nine-week shoot has taken on her:

“I came downstairs the other night, and I was crying, and my husband was like ‘Why are you crying?’ and I realized it’s getting to me. The violence and abuse that I’m shooting on camera must have somehow permeated into my mind off the set.”


Cage spoke highly of working with both Kidman and Schumacher saying:

“Nicole is someone I’ve admired. I think she’s a very mysterious and memorable actor and I wanted to work with her.  The chemistry has been great.”

“I was very happy with what we achieved in that film (8MM) and the results of that movie became something of an international cult film, which appeals to my taste.”


While Kidman describes Trespass as a “home invasion movie that takes a lot of twists and turns,” here is a brief synopsis for the film [via the Shreveport Times]:

Trespass is the harrowing story of a wealthy husband and wife, portrayed by Cage and Kidman, who are suddenly taken hostage by four brutal perpetrators. However, complications arise and unravel a story of betrayal and deception.

Finally, while some new images can be seen above, here are more shots from Trespass which also come courtesy of the Shreveport Times:














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