‘Triumph’s Summer Election Special’ Trailer Takes on Trump, Protesters, and Wolf Blitzer

     August 11, 2016


Hulu has unveiled the trailer for Triumph’s Summer Election Special, giving a tantalizing look at Triumph the Insult Comic Dog’s return to the campaign trail. Triumph, voiced by Robert Smigel, made the rounds at the Republican and Democratic conventions this summer, and it appears as though he got some good stuff. There’s plenty of Trump bashing, of course, but a stinger involving Wolf Blitzer proves to be the funniest comedy bit in the whole trailer.

Triumph is no stranger to contentious environments and unassuming strangers, so fans will no doubt find much to love about the new special—assuming you have Hulu. Triumph’s Summer Election Special is available starting today, August 11th, on Hulu, but as we recently learned the service is cancelling its free-streaming service and is now moving to a subscription-only model.

Check out the trailer for Triumph’s Summer Election Special below, which runs 1 hour and 5 minutes in length. Click here to watch it on Hulu.