‘Trollhunters’ Footage Recap: Guillermo Del Toro’s Animated Series Brings Trolls to Life

     October 9, 2016


The Trollhunters panel at New York Comic Con was packed with families and Del Toro fans alike all waiting to see what his first collaboration with Netflix would bring. To present the footage creator and executive producer Guillermo del Toro was there, with voice talent Kelsey Grammer, Ron Perlman, Steven Yeun and Charlie Saxton, and executive producers Marc Guggenheim and Rodrigo Blaas.

The animated series brings Del Toro back into the world of storytelling for children. “I wanted something clean, crisp, very humanistic, very emotionally pure,” said Del Toro. “A family series that you could watch with your parents or your kids, very much the same spirit that made us make The Book of Life.” The series does provide a great family element, very colorful and creative, Del Toro’s signature style to the small screen. The series shows a great collaboration of DreamWorks, Netflix and Del Toro’s creativity. Del Toro said, “Creatively one of the best experiences I have had.” During the panel, the very first episode of the series was revealed. Read on for a footage recap (and a healthy smattering of mild spoilers):


Image via DreamWorks

The animated series starts off with a bang, showing two trolls, one armored, one evil, fighting under a bridge. Abandoning hope, the armored troll decides to decides to jump off the bridge into the sunlight. As he is falling, his body turns to stone and breaks, leaving a mystical amulet in the rubble.

Later, as 15-year-old Jim Lake Jr. is biking to high school, the amulet calls out to him, and he picks it out of the pile of rubble, immediately revealing his discovery to his best friend Tobes, a character inspired by Del Toro’s high school self. The pair eventually are introduced to a secret world of trolls living under their suburban town of Arcadia Oaks. As the trolls Bular (Perlman) and Blinky (Grammer) inform Jim of the great responsibilities that he has now acquired has as a Trollhunter: he must protect the good trolls from the enemies set to destroy them.

Unable to shake the experience, Jim meets up with a teacher during office hours and nearly reveals to him details about the amulet and the trolls, but later sees the teacher talking to the evil troll we met saw at the beginning of the episode. As Jim learns more about the amulet, he’s introduced to a whole world of troll history, including the troll war, which has gone on for centuries. He worries that he is not worthy of the role, but with his troll companion and his best friend Tobes, he soon regains his confidence. Bedecked in a suit of armor and a comically large sword in hand, Jim is finally ready to be the Trollhunter the world needs, to save mankind and troll-kind alike

Trollhunters will hit Netflix on December 23.

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