Report: TRON 3 May Be Shooting This Fall in Vancouver

     March 10, 2015


Disney raised eyebrows earlier today when we learned the head-scratching news that Tim Burton is directing a live-action remake of Dumbo, and now they’re going with the one-two punch in surprising announcements. The local news source VanCity Buzz (via Badass Digest) reports that Tron 3 will be shooting in Vancouver this fall, giving us our first update on the project in years. Tron Legacy opened in 2010 to so-so reviews and so-so box office, leading Disney to drag its feet on continuing the franchise in a timely fashion. Most assumed that a third Tron movie was dead for now, but if VanCity Buzz’s report is indeed true, then Disney is taking some of that Marvel money (and upcoming Star Wars money) and investing in this franchise once again.

It’s important to note that VanCity Buzz isn’t some rumor site—it’s a legitimate news source. And beyond that, Badass Digest cites its own sources saying Tron 3 is definitely shooting this fall in Vancouver, with Legacy director Joseph Kosinski returning to direct. The VanCity report also notes that Garrett Hedlund is attached to come back and star (he’s no doubt contractually obligated), so it really looks like this is it folks: Tron 3 is happening.

joseph-kosinski-tron-3-sequelOur last solid update on the project came in 2013, when Kosinski told us he was confident Tron 3 would see the light of day, adding that the current script had “a much broader appeal.” Whether this iteration of the sequel is still using that script is unknown at this time, but Tron fans are no doubt happy to hear the franchise may still have some life in it.

I found Tron Legacy to be incredibly pretty with a killer soundtrack, but ultimately a bit hollow, so I’m curious to see where Kosinski plans to take the franchise in this third film—and will Olivia Wilde also be back? Kosinski followed Legacy up with the also pretty-but-disappointing Oblivion and while he’s developing a number of other projects (including the Gran Turismo movie), it appears that his next stop is likely returning to the Tron franchise.

How do you feel about this, folks? Did you like the direction of Tron Legacy and are you excited to see it continue? Where does the story go from here? Sound off in the comments below.



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