March 30, 2015


Earlier this month, we reported that Disney was going forward on a third TRON movie and that filming might begin as soon as this fall in Vancouver. Now Production Weekly that TRON 3 will be titled TRON: Ascension, and start a five-month shoot beginning October:

TRON is such a weird franchise to continue. Considering all the properties Disney has at its disposal, I’m not sure why they would return to one that received a resounding “meh” when TRON: Legacy was released back in 2010. Joseph Kosinski’s film was a perfect case of style-over-substance, and now he’s coming back for presumably more black-and-neon antics.

TRON: Legacy did throw out a few breadcrumbs for continuing the story. Notably, “Rinzler” was actually TRON, and Cillian Murphy had an uncredited cameo as Edward Dillinger Jr., the son of TRON villain Ed Dillinger (David Warner). But these few items made it seems like TRON: Legacy was laying down track before even knowing how far its light cycle could ride.

If the movie does start filming in October, there are plenty of questions. Will Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde return? Will Murphy play the villain? Will the film have anything to offer other than pretty visuals and a great soundtrack? I guess we’ll have to get back to The Grid to find out.


Image via Disney


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