TRON Finds Its Leading Man

     January 6, 2009

Written by Nicole Pedersen

On Tuesday Matt wrote up the latest “Tron 2.0” spoilers that star Olivia Wilde dropped concerning the upcoming reboot of Disney’s classic. Check it out here. All caught up? Good, because we now have a few things to add:

First (and most importantly for everyone who doesn’t hate life) Disney has abandoned the working titles “Tr2n” AND the ‘already claimed by a videogame’ title “Tron 2.0”. They are going to stick to the classic “Tron” (or “TRON”, if you like) for now.

Next, and of far less significance – “Tron” has found its leading man. And the guy who will get sucked into the big maze this time? One Garrett Hedlund. If, like me, you are responding to that name with a giant “Who??” let me fill you in…

The Hollywood Reporter claims that Hedlund is well known as an emergent star in Hollywood circles but admits his name wouldn’t mean much “in middle America.” Well, I’ve got news for the folks at THR. I live on one of the two coasts and I’ve never heard of the guy either! According to the IMDb, he played Don Billingsley in “Friday Night Lights” (the movie) and Patroclus in “Troy“. I saw both of those movies and still that info isn’t ringing any bells.

The fact that Hedlund isn’t a household name doesn’t mean he can’t ride a light cycle around a maze, of course. No one had heard of a guy named Chris Pine either, once upon a time. JJ Abrams seemed to think he was just right to play the new Captain Kirk anyway. Incidentally, Pine also tested for the lead in “Tron”. It was called “Tr2n” back then, however, and he decided he just couldn’t support that crap.

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