Details on the Animated TRON TV Series, Titled TRON: UPRISING

     September 27, 2010


Earlier this year, we reported on the news that Disney is creating an animated TV show based off of their upcoming Tron reboot/sequel, Tron: Legacy.  At the time, we only knew that the series will appear sometime in late 2011 or early 2012 on either ABC or new “boy channel” Disney XD.  We also knew that the series is designed as a “placeholder,” with the goal of maintaining fan interest while the second movie of a brand new trilogy is put together.  It took a few months, but we now have an update on the project.  More after the jump.

Disney has reportedly registered the domain name “”  Stitch Kingdom did some digging and found out that Tron: Uprising is the title for the animated series.  The site claims that the series will debut on Disney XD in the fall of 2011, and will be a “ten-part ‘microseries’ in which a young program named Beck stands up against an evil regime headed by Clu who obtains his status after the defeat of TRON, the security watchdog program.”

If anything, this news is only more proof that Disney feels very confident about Tron: Legacy and how it will perform.  This news also makes it seem that Disney is definitely thinking about creating a franchise with the new film.  I’m personally looking forward to seeing Tron: Legacy this December: if the film turns out to be as good as I hope it will be, then I will definitely check out this “microseries” next year.


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