A TRON: LEGACY-Inspired Suite in Swedish Ice Hotel

     December 8, 2010


If the trailer is any indication, the early scenes of Tron: Legacy feature a reddish hue or two.  But once Garrett Hedlund enters The Grid, the color temperature is dominated by the cool.  Basically, the production design of Tron is perfectly suited to the medium of ice.

Ben Rousseau and architect Ian Douglas-Jones noted this, then designed a Tron-inspired suite for ICEHOTEL, the mecca of icy artistic installations near the arctic circle in Sweden.  Hit the jump for images of the suite, plus a clip of Rousseau and Douglas-Jones at work.

If frozen cinema is up your alley, make sure to check out this giant ice sculpture of Transformers‘ Optimus Prime.

You can find more images at Wired:

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