Watch: ‘TRON: Legacy’ Director Joseph Kosinski Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Secrets, Talks ‘TRON 3’

     March 3, 2017


Since late 2015, we’ve been partnered up with IMAX for a screening series where we show both old and new films in their large screen format. While attendance for all the screenings has always been great, when I announced we’d be showing TRON: Legacy for the first time in laser projection and it’d be followed by an extended interview with director Joseph Kosinski…let’s just say the demand for tickets far exceeded anything we’ve done thus far. While I put together the screening for completely selfish reasons – I love TRON and wanted to see it again in IMAX – seeing the demand for tickets and having people show up seven hours early for the screening of a seven-year-old film was extremely cool. Like I said, the reaction to this screening shows a lot of people still care about the world of TRON and are hopeful Disney will continue to keep the grid alive.


Image via Walt Disney Pictures

Since we had many thousands of people ask for tickets that couldn’t get in, we wanted to make sure all of you would have the chance to watch the Q&A with Kosinski, so we recorded it and are presenting it in full. As you can watch in the player above, Kosinski goes into great detail about the making of TRON: Legacy and shares some great behind-the-scenes stories like how he got Daft Punk to do the soundtrack, the challenge of the practical costumes and the issues with the battery packs, how he brought in people that had never worked in Hollywood to help with the design of the vehicles and design of the world, how he digitally removed Sam’s best friend from the movie, Easter eggs, and so much more. Additionally, yes, we talked about TRON 3, which Kosinski says is in a cryo-freeze status. I promise if you’re a fan of TRON: Legacy you’ll learn things you never knew.

Check out what he had to say in the video above and below is a list of what we talked about.

joseph-kosinski-tron-3 sequel

Image via Walt Disney Studios

Joseph Kosinski:

  • The benefits of laser projection.
  • The sound mix.
  • The challenge of the practical costumes when filming TRON: Legacy and how much time they lost on set.
  • How he did first and second unit while filming.
  • How did he get Daft Punk to do the soundtrack?
  • He still has Daft Punk demos that never made it into the soundtrack.
  • When the suits broke down one night in the End of Line club Daft Punk put on a show.
  • Where did the name Rinzler come from?
  • How he shot the film with dual F-35 cameras which can shoot full frame. The entire film could have been shown in the full IMAX ratio but he chose which scenes went full frame.
  • tron-legacy-posterEaster eggs talk.
  • How the people he brought in to create the vehicles and look of TRON: Legacy weren’t people that worked in Hollywood before.
  • The Comic-Con teaser when the film hasn’t even been greenlit yet.
  • How did he decide what food would be on the table in Legacy and how Olivia didn’t like the pig.
  • What’s the status of Tron 3?
  • The image of Sam as a kid.
  • Is he drawn to sci-fi movies?
  • Talks about his next film Granite Mountain and the incredible cast.
  • Favorite musical artist and who would he like to collaborate with?
  • Are their deleted scenes that people have still never seen? Reveals a character was digitally removed (Sam’s best friend at the beginning of the film).

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