4 Movie Clips from TRON: LEGACY

     November 20, 2010

With the huge TRON: Legacy press junket taking place in Los Angeles this weekend, Walt Disney has released the EPK (electronic press kit) for the film.  The great thing about the EPK is that it includes 4 clips from the movie.  So if you’ve missed the clips that have hit the net this past week, after the jump I’ve grouped them into one player.  The clips are called Alan tells Sam about the page, Long Time (Jeff Bridges meets his son), Quorra saves Sam, Sirens dress Sam.

Finally, while I got to see the movie the other night, Disney has us under a strict embargo until closer to release.  Expect my thoughts then…

Finally, here’s a link to all our previous TRON: Legacy coverage.  We’ve got interviews, trailers, posters, a set visit, and so much more.  Look for a ton of new interviews the week Tron gets released.

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