Disney Offers TRON: LEGACY Papercraft, Coloring Pages, Games, and Other Fun Activities

     December 29, 2010


Disney is not a company known for giving away that which could be sold for a profit.  They’re certainly not known for that business approach when it comes to a major franchise like TRON: Legacy.  We’ve previously reported on the heavy merchandising the studio has done for the film, which includes a $478 “Clu Hobo Bag” and $795 “Quorra Couture Platform Sandals”.  But the studio is also offering goodies for the film which won’t break the bank.  On the Disney family page for the film, the studio offers Papercraft templates for light cycles, printable party invitations, coloring pages, and much more.  For parents looking for fun activities to do with their kids that doesn’t requires much more than a trip to an arts and crafts store, this is really wonderful.

Hit the jump for images of and links to the TRON: Legacy projects that Disney offers.

Click on a link to go to the template, coloring page, etc. which you can then print out.  Make sure you have the right quality paper if you’re going to be constructing any of the papercraft designs.

Kevin Flynn Light Cycle Papercraft


Sam Flynn Light Clycle Papercraft


CLU Papercraft


Recognizer Papercraft


Light Disc Toss


Party Invitations


Coloring Page


Door Hanger


Recipe for Light Cycle Wheelie Pie


Recipe for TRON: Legacy cake


TRON Playset


Shrink Charms


Disney also offers papercraft and other fun activities for Tangled, Winnie the Pooh, and the video game Epic Mickey.  Thanks to Super Punch for the heads up.

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